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Hoyt Satori 19" Riser

Hoyt Satori 19" Riser
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The Hoyt Satori utilizes the ILF system featuring micro-adjustment for precise limb alignment, and includes an all-new adjustable shelf module. The shelf is radiused and cut 0.44" past center, but features a removable .261" side plate with three spacers (.03" each) for tuning your centershot back to center. Each riser also comes with a calf hair side plate, rug rest, tiller bolt lock down wrench, bow stringer and a protective case.

Hoyt Satori Length Chart

  Short Medium Long
17" Riser 58" 60" 62"
19" Riser 60" 62" 64"
21" Riser 62" 64" 66"
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