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Goat Tuff Archery Glue

Goat Tuff Archery Glue
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Goat Tuff glues are some of the best on the market. A cyanoacrylate, they're designed to be user friendly, allowing you to use less glue for less mess. Plus, they bond within seconds.

High Performance Glue from Goat Tuff has a high viscosity, meaning it's thicker than many other adhesives. That makes it easy to work with. It's great for fletching wood, carbon, and aluminum shafts, as well as installing nocks, collars, and inserts. Bonds fletchings to shafts within 60 seconds.

Goat Tuff High Performance Glue is strong, with a bond of over 4000 psi. It's weatherproof and impact resistant, meaning your arrows are ready to both deliver and take some damage.

Goat Tuff High Performance Glue is the purest cyanoacrylate glue available. Comes in a 0.5 ounce bottle, enough to fletch approximately 15 dozen arrows and dry clear with no milky residue.

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