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RMS Gear Solid Grip Trigger

Grip Mounted Pressure Trigger
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The SGT is a revolutionary patented button mounted to the grip of your bow that provides a tactile/auditory impulse to cue a subconscious release of the string. It works as a result of the naturally occurring palm pressure on your bow grip when shooting under increasing tension. Unlike alternative clickers on the market, a loss in tension, i.e. letting off, is not required to reset the trigger if it goes off prematurely. A simple flick of the wrist while at full draw will reset the button allowing you to re engage your shot.

Basic Sizing Guide:

Small - This size is most suited for smaller low wristed narrow longbow grips. It also works well on low wristed, flat recurve grips.

Medium - This size is the most universal, and works best on typical medium wristed recurve grips.

Examples of grips this works best on would be Black Widow bows, Jaeger style ILF grips, Bob Lee, Wengerd...

Large - This size works best for bows with a wider grip. Stalker's, Hoyt Satori's, Samick Sage...

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