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Hoyt Satori 17" Riser

Hoyt Satori 17" Riser
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The Hoyt Satori utilizes the ILF system featuring micro-adjustment for precise limb alignment, and includes an all-new adjustable shelf module. The shelf is radiused and cut 0.44" past center, but features a removable .261" side plate with three spacers (.03" each) for tuning your centershot back to center. Each riser also comes with a calf hair side plate, rug rest, tiller bolt lock down wrench, bow stringer and a protective case.

The 17" storm grey riser allows for a longer limb while keeping the overall bow length down and setting itself apart from other Blackout Satoris.

Hoyt Satori Length Chart

  Short Medium Long
17" Riser 58" 60" 62"
19" Riser 60" 62" 64"
21" Riser 62" 64" 66"
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