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Bearpaw Big Bear Recurve - Takedown

Bearpaw Big Bear Recurve - Takedown
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A beautiful, heavy, stable bow. The increased overall mass of the riser is achieved by a larger proportion of mycarta in the riser and the riser being a full 20". This results in a very shootable and forgiving bow with reduced vibration, noise, and hand shock.

The Big Bear utilizes the Bearpaw Limb System (BLS) which allows full interchangeability between all BLS compatible limbs and risers.

  • Bow Length: 64 inches
  • Riser Materials: Mycarta / Cocobolo
  • Limb Materials:
    - bamboo
    - stabil core with black glass or olive veneer
    - Tips: Multi-Layered Mycarta
  • Pistol grip (feels like a medium grip)
  • Bowstring: Whisper String 
  • Brace Height: 8 inches
  • 30 year guarantee 
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